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Trusted Roofing Contractor in Saylorsburg PA

By February 4, 2015July 18th, 2017Poconos, Roofing

Quality Work for Your Home

Saylorsburg PA Roofing Contractor - New Installations and Repairs

Are you looking for a new roof or roofing repairs in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania? Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction has years of experience with different types of roofing repair, construction, and replacement. We’ve been providing expert installation and restorations for over 18 years.

Experienced Evaluations – Do You Need a New Roof?

We provide you with an expert evaluation of the current service life of your roof including addressing any problems with water infiltration, moisture entrapment in underlying insulation, or damage to underlying layers that may need repair or replacement.

The Robert Ace Difference – Better than the Box Stores

When you understand the requirements that go into a proper roofing system, you will easily understand why our roofing company is the better choice than Lowes or Home Depot roofing installers. We take considerable time to consult with you to choose the right materials, properly design and tailor the roof to your home or business, and finally build the roofing system that will work for you and your budget.

Extra Protection & Choices

When you choose Robert Ace, extra protection is included with all of our Saylorsburg and local area roofing work. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction installs an underlying ice and water protection layer underneath the shingles. When you choose a traditional shingle style roof material, we offer a variety of colors and styles which enhance the beauty of your finished project. This allows you, our valued customers to pick the type that suits your individual needs and style.

When to Repair of Replace Your Roof?
There are many reasons and just as many advantages to repairing or replacing your Saylorsburg, PA roof. We can help you determine which choice is best for your situation. These advantages include the following:
  • Better Insulation For Your Home
  • Proper Collection Of Debris Into Your Gutters
  • Protection from Water, Mold, and Mildew Damage Inside Your Home

If it’s time for a new roof, it will offer greater protection, a more aesthetic appearance to your home, increased home value, and piece of mind knowing that you and your family are safely protected from inclement weather and microbial threats.

How To Find A “Good” Roofer

What do you need to know about your roofer? A qualified roofing contractor in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania has to know the local building codes as well as many different aspects of roofing materials and construction. In short, he must possess many varied skills. Knowing how to roof a house properly and what roofing materials to use is critical. Choosing the wrong contractor or company can have long term detrimental effects to your home and financial well being.

The Danger of Not Choosing a Professional

A professional roofing company uses it’s own employees, not unregistered sub-contractors without real experience and proper insurance. This is one reason roofing costs can vary greatly. Something many people don’t know is, having the wrong people work on your home or commercial property in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania 18353 can leave you open to litigation, liable for accidents, and cost you large sums of money. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong contractor. Call Robert Ace today.

Reputation – Avoid Unprofessional Work

Avoid the common complications of choosing the wrong contractor by calling Robert Ace Construction for a free Saylorsburg area consultation today. We’ll look at your project, needs and concerns and answer all of your questions. You won’t need to look at inaccurate roofing calculators, contractor salaries, paid contractor directories, or a roofing network to find the most reputable local roof contractor in Saylorsburg, PA. Call the trusted local installers of roofing systems.

When looking at local roofers, there are certain things to consider aside from some of the more obvious things such as reputation, experience, price, equipment, and the construction/repair crew. Immediate roofing service may be something you may need right away after damage from a storm. These are all areas we can be the right choice for help. Call us today for your consultation and estimate.

Types of Roofing & Building Requirements

Existing & New Construction Qualified

Roofing installation may be needed on an existing building as the current roof has aged and deteriorated. New roofing construction or framing might be needed on a planned building or structure such as a second story addition or detached garage. Our team is able to lift the existing roof of of your current home and re-attach it to a new second story addition due to our experience and equipment.


There are many different types of roofing materials and shingles, and because of this, roofing costs can vary greatly. One popular option these days that many people ask about is metal roofing. Metal roofs have their own merits and limitations that we can explain to you. And your metal roofing installer must be just as knowledgeable and qualified as a qualified traditional roofer. Robert Ace has experience with all types of roofing projects, including metal and slate roofs. We can explain the pros and cons of a traditional style or newer systems such as metal roofs for conditions in the Saylorsburg area.

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