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    At RKA construction, We are a home builder who respects the fact that your new home is one of the important investments of your life. We have many new home plans to select from for our potential clients in the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Poconos, Jim Thorpe and Stroudsburg areas which is our focus area. If you need assistance finding the perfect location, we can help you find the lot to meet your needs. From initial vision to final inspection, we pride ourselves on superior quality and personalized customer attention which assures your experience of the building process runs smoothly. If you’ve looked into having a home built, you may have encountered the term stick built home. So, what does stick built mean? It refers to the way the house was constructed. The traditional building process for a home happens entirely on-site at the property. The builders lay a foundation and build the home, board by board — or stick by stick — until it’s complete. This is why traditionally-built homes are often referred to as stick built homes. While stick built homes are still the norm and we believe that every new home buyer deserves one built right , in recent years, more and more home buyers have discovered that having their house built on site isn’t the only way of obtaining their dream home. Another term you may have come across is modular homes. So, what is a modular home? These homes are built in large three-dimensional sections, or modules, in a factory. The modules are transported to the property and assembled there. Your contractor will attach the modules to your foundation and to each other so the house is complete. In our opinion there can be huge drawbacks with a home pieced together and built offsite without the personal touch. We encourage you to call and setup and appointment 844-420-9908. Why should you just imagine the home of your dreams, when we can build it? Come experience the RKA Construction difference! #NEW HOME PLANS LEHIGH VALLEY #ALLENTOWN #BETHLEHEM #POCONOS #JIM THORPE #EASTON

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    Remodeling Your Kitchen or Bathroom?

    Remodeling your kitchen or bath has never been easier. At Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction we listen to your needs. We make it our mission to assist you the customer to acquire your desired outcome and to surpass your expectations. Please visit our kitchen and bath showcase.

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