New Construction Homes – Your Builder in Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem in Northampton County has experienced a tremendous population growth in the past decade or so. The entire Lehigh Valley region has seen a huge influx of people and industry. Even the historic centers of Bethlehem have seen noticeable improvements and investments. That growth brought with it a need for new home construction.

Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction is meeting that need by building homes that are beautiful and affordable. Everyone has unique needs, but whether your ideal house is a spacious estate, custom log cabin, mountain dacha, sprawling ranch, or custom modular, we can build it. You decide the goals and the vision. We build it the right way.

New Construction Homes in Bath in Northampton County

For the last 10 years Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction has been a leader in new construction homes for buyers in Bethlehem and all of Northampton County. We provide custom home designs in almost every size and shape to make that home dream come true. Whether you are a first time buyer or your family just outgrew your current house, we can build the home that suits your lifestyle.

Your Family’s Future
At Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction we strive to make your home building experience rewarding and exciting. Building a home is a considerable investment of time and money. You may plan for years before you decide that the time is right, but Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction will make it happen when you are ready.

Custom Bethlehem Homes

We have all heard that location is important, but realize that you will be living every day with the design you choose. We have a large selection of designs and layouts to choose from and these plans can be customized to suit your individual needs. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction will assist you each and every step of the way, from first consultation to your move-in day.

Communication is Our Motto
Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction believes in superior customer service with honest and clear communication. Our relationship with our homebuyers is based on honesty and trust. We keep an open flow of information between the client and our framers, drywall installers, electricians, roofers, and plumbers. Our team makes every effort to keep the project on budget and on time. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction builds strong relationships as well as building high quality homes. We want your new home building experience in Bethlehem to be a good one.

Design Your Own Bethlehem Home
Our experienced architects consult with you to plan the home. Every space and room gets careful attention–baths, kitchen, basement, and garage. Bedrooms and closets, fixtures, and the size of open areas are all important. You can consider adding features like a media room, a patio or deck, or a high end chef’s kitchen.

Any design you can imagine, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction can build. Our past successes were earned through years and years of hard work and experience. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you in creating a great home building adventure. With a professional and skilled builder like Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction, you can know you will be getting an excellent home to live in and love.

Affordable Bethlehem Homes

Let Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction show you how the home you want will fit your budget and your expectations. You may believe a true custom design home in Bethlehem and Northampton County is out of reach, but we can show you the possibilities. With knowledge and skill we build attractive and comfortable houses with the special things people want.

Our master craftsmen have honed their skills with years of experience building custom homes in Bethlehem the Lehigh Valley. We form a well-tuned team of expert craftsmen to save you time and money. We test and measure to make sure everything in the house coincides with the design specifications.

Our only mission is to provide top quality and service at a fair price. Our name and reputation have been built on our professionalism, honesty, and integrity. When you contract with Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction to build your new custom home, you will be working with a great homebuilder.

Bethlehem Remodeling & Additions
If you want to modify and existing house, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction will work with you to renovate your existing home, and offer custom solutions to suit your needs. You may just need a few upgrades to meet the demands of your changing lifestyle, and we can help you do just that.

Bethlehem’s Finest Luxury Homes

Our luxury homes are showpieces of unique design with custom floor plans. Our experienced architect stands ready to help you make the best choices and give you advice on design ideas for your new Bethlehem home. Our clients find this expertise to be an invaluable resource when making important decisions during the building process.

About Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction
We specialize in all types of Pennsylvania’s best residential construction and have vetted each and every one of our subcontractors to know they will provide the standard of service which exceeds our expectations. Before we call anyone else onto the job we make sure they have the immediate availability to complete your project in a timely manner. Whether you are looking for a starter home, vacation home, second home, or a home to relax in during retirement, we can walk you through the design process. You can choose one of our predesigned packages right from your iPad, or you can create your own custom luxury design, personalizing it to your customized specifications.