Modular Prefab verses Stick Built Homes & Builders in the Lehigh Valley & Poconos

When looking for a new home in the Poconos or Lehigh Valley, many people think about and bring up the term Modular Homes. You may hear many different descriptions about the types of construction that exist, but one of the most popular terms that many people seem to consider, often without having much knowledge about them, is the Modular Home or what some call Prefab Homes. The traditional type of home is called a “Stick Built” Home. They are built very differently. Some of the other most common terms you may hear in addition to Modular are Prefab and Manufactured (Mobile) Home. A Modular and Mobile Home are not the same. First off, let us help clarify some of the terms and ideas to better help you understand the building process and what you should be looking for.

The Difference Between a Stick Built, Modular/Prefab, and Manufactured Home

There is difference between a Stick Built Home, a Modular Home and a Manufactured (Mobile) Home. A Modular Home is constructed with the same materials as a conventional Stick Built home, except the Modular Home is built in a climate controlled factory, not on the building site. Modular Homes are also built to be transported and then be placed on the home site. A Manufactured (Mobile) Home is built on a metal frame/beam with wheels attached. A general rule, Manufactured Homes are brought to a property utilizing these metal frames/beams to which is attached the axles/wheels and hitch. This is what will support the home permanently.

In August, 1982, HUD issued an amendment to original descriptions of Mobile Homes. The amendment determined that Mobile Homes would be called Manufactured Homes. This was to aid in separating them from the older “Mobile Homes” manufactured prior to June 15, 1976.

Modular Homes, as a general rule, will be brought to the site in sections and may not be dependent on the metal beams which are typically utilized to transport the units and then removed. Modular Homes are just that, think of different sections, each being a piece of the puzzle transported to the home site and then being pieced together to form the finished product.

Advantages – Are Both Stick Built & Modular Homes Customizable?
In general Stick Built Homes have two big advantages. Both Stick Built and Modular Homes in the Poconos and Lehigh Valley can be customized both in the interior and exterior. Both Stick Home builders and Modular Home builders can design your home from scratch. However, there are more builders and architects for Stick Built homes when compared to Modular Homes, so you can more easily hire a company like Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction to fully design your home to fit your exact needs and preferences. In addition, Stick Built Homes can easily have plans changed on site while the building process is in progress as compared to a Modular Home that has been “pre-built”. Generally Modulars cannot accommodate any changes once the building on site has begun.

More for Your Money – Stick Built vs Modular Home Pricing Equal?
At one time the discussion was of pricing and cost saving of “Stick Built” Homes verses Modular Homes, whether in the Poconos, Lehigh Valley, or elsewhere. With today’s pricing, Robert K. Ace Construction LLC. can build your “Stick Built” Home at comparable prices to Modular, and you generally get more of what you want in the finished product. Come in to our office for free consultation to discuss your needs and wishes, let us put you in the home of your dreams. Robert K. Ace Construction will be with you every step of the way through the whole building process.

Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction Building Better Homes in the Poconos and Lehigh Valley

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