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Bathroom Remodels in Swiftwater PA

By April 7, 2015July 18th, 2017Bathrooms, Poconos

Swiftwater Bathroom Remodels by Robert K AceLet Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction modernize your outdated and tired looking bathrooms with new fixtures and features that will improve functionality and add to your enjoyment and value of your home. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction designed bathrooms maximize the available space to comfortably accommodate multiple users for those growing families. We can also customize the bathroom layout to suit an individual’s unique taste and needs. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction specializes in handicapped accessible bathroom construction for those who require modifications to improve ease of use.

Modern control flow fixtures not only improve the look and function of your bathroom but they will save both water and money. If your bathroom has mold or water damage from leaky old fixtures, don’t worry, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction has it covered. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction performs complete mold removal and water damage restoration and will work with your insurance adjuster if you are making a claim with your home insurance carrier.


Custom Bathrooms and Remodeling

Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction is among Swiftwater’s most trusted bathroom remodeling & renovation contractors and planners. Whether you’re considering a small bathroom remodel or you have grand plans, your bathroom design and completion is our top priority.

There are many bathroom remodeling companies out there, but we stand out with over 20 years of local Swiftwater remodeling experience. We’ll provide you with tips we’ve learned from experience and show you our bathroom remodel before and after images from other bathroom projects we’ve done. We can provide you with a wealth of helpful bathroom remodeling ideas and share pictures that help you see the nearly endless possibilities. We find this really inspires our customers to be involved from the beginning of the bathroom design and renovation process.

Bathroom Designs & Remodels for Your Lifestyle

Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction specializes in updating & remodeling Swiftwater bathrooms into modern spaces that maximize design, space, and functionality for your lifestyle and taste. We can build you anything from a half bathroom to a large contemporary bathroom with all the extra features you want in your Pocono Home.

Through careful design and planning before we begin construction we incorporate your selected elements such as custom built bathroom cabinets, built-ins, different wood choices, European design style, lighting features, and more including many types of bathroom countertops – laminate, quartz, marble, granite, and custom molded concrete. We can offer styles and elements too numerous to be listed here. If you have a unique idea or concept we want to hear it. Call us with your questions or ideas and arrange a free Swiftwater consultation.

More bathroom Features for Your Money

Custom bathroom remodeling is possible in Swiftwater, PA 18370 even on a limited budget. Balancing your bathroom remodel cost with your bathroom remodel budget does not rule out a fantastic end product. DIY is not the answer. A DIY bathroom remodel that’s above your skillset and available time can be frustrating and leave you with nothing but disappointment. At Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction we help you to plan and design your dream bathroom by choosing the right materials and features to make your bathroom outstanding while remaining affordable. And we always give the highest quality craftsmanship for a reasonable price to achieve the most with any budget.

Personal Choices
We can design & build your new Swiftwater bathroom so it includes many different personal choices. For example, custom double sinks, extended and low flush toilets, and glass shower enclosures. We’re able to create space saving areas for you to store all necessary bathroom items such as towels, shampoo, soap, and other necessaries. There are many other features and design elements such as a custom cabinets, task lighting, decorative tile and specialty mirrors that will enable you to have a functional and comfortable bathroom that you’ll love to spend time in. Ask us how we can incorporate the style and features you’re visualizing.

Size and Scale
We are available to provide simple remodeling services in addition to complete bathroom designs and renovations. We can install just one or two design elements such as replacement sinks and vanities for example. We’re also the best choice when you’re ready to step up to a full remodel of your bathroom replacing everything including cabinets, fixtures, walls, windows, heating, flooring, etc. From start to finish, we help you to envision and attain your dream bathroom even down to the final details such as paint colors.

Don’t Choose the Wrong bathroom Contractor
Making a bad decision in this area is often very difficult to recover from. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction, the professional Swiftwater bathroom builder, uses it’s own employees, not unregistered sub-contractors without real experience and proper insurance. This is an important reason bathroom renovation costs can vary greatly. Something many people don’t know is, having the wrong people work on your home or commercial property in Pennsylvania can leave you open to litigation, liable for accidents, and cost you large sums of money. You often wind up having to do the project twice, costing you even more money. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong home bathroom remodeling contractor.

Call Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction at 570-420-9908 to speak about your Pocono bathroom remodeling & renovation needs. We’ll help you to make the right choices when it comes to the important decisions. We’ll help you to get the dream bathroom that is exactly what you want in your Swiftwater, PA home.

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