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Robert K. Ace Construction, Jr. has been a leading builder of new homes in Nazareth and Northeastern Pennsylvania for over 20 years. Over the years, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction has developed a reputation for superior quality and innovative design.


Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction’s customer service as a home builder is second to none, and we recognize the importance of customer satisfaction from the planning stage all the way to project completion. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction uses only skilled craftsmen and trains them to meet the highest industry standards so the new home owners can enjoy their new houses worry free.

New Homes in Growing Nazareth PA

The Nazareth area is growing as the Lehigh Valley pushes northward. The need for affordable new residential housing continues to increase at a rate much higher than the national average. Recent upticks in the economic outlook have intensified the expanding need for new housing developments in the Nazareth region. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction addresses that growing need with a wide range of housing designs.

Curb appeal, the first impression of the house exterior, is important not only to the home owner but to the general look of the neighborhood. It creates value for the whole subdivision and helps to preserve the resale value of the property over the long term. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction offers a wide variety of eye-catching styles from cozy cottage designs to elegant luxury estates. The myriad variations are available to suit nearly every buyer’s taste and budget.

Added external features could include decks, patios, porches, or verandas for entertaining guests or relaxing with family members and enjoy the beautiful countryside in Nazareth. All these serve to expand available living space and increase the perceived and actual value of the home. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction helps home owners sort through the different choices of materials to find what solutions are best to meet the individual goals and budget.

Nazareth & Lehigh Valley Home Designers

Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction’s designers work closely with prospective home buyers to discover their tastes and priorities for their new homes. This collaborative process helps to narrow down the wide variety of design choices and builds confidence and trust with the home owners. We work within a given budget and keep the project on track to a timely completion. At Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction, we want to create satisfied customers. The way to do that is to work with them to do it right the first time.

Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction offers internal home features that make for comfortable daily living. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction designs include many options for the currently popular “open concept” design. This type of floor plan allows the family to stay connected and interact between spaces with different functions. Examples would include a kitchen opening to the family room and breakfast area or an office with French doors that open to a home gym. If home buyers need modifications to existing floor plans to suit their needs or lifestyles Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction can adjust or alter specifications to match the home owners desires and fully meet their expectations. Want to add a fireplace to the family room? Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction can build a stunning fireplace that will be a showpiece for family and friends.

Functionality is a crucial part of design at Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction. A beautiful kitchen must also be a joyful place to cook. Ample counter space and accessible cabinets are vital to the smooth and efficient functioning of a kitchen. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction pays attention to the important details of design that make the difference between and kitchen that is a pleasure to work in and one that is just serviceable.

The second most design intensive areas of a house are the bathrooms. From the most luxurious master bath to the small guest bathroom, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction builds baths that are as attractive as they are accessible and practical. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction provides home buyers with both choices and experienced guidance on ceramic tile, tub and shower enclosures, sinks and faucets, and cabinets. Storage is often an issue in smaller bathrooms so Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction has developed solutions to make the most of the available space.

Storage can also be an issue in bedrooms. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction designs include plans for walk-in closets in master bedrooms and ample closet space in secondary bedrooms. If the home buyer needs more general house storage room, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction can built in spaces in the garage, basement, or even construct and detached garage to house extra vehicles or lawn and garden equipment.

Nazareth Residential Home Building Specialists

The residential building specialists at Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction can handle any kind of house construction project from simple cosmetic renovation to major remodeling of kitchens and baths or new additions. Sometimes home owners like their current house but find that it no longer suits their needs as their family grows or grows up. Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction will consult with them to develop a remodeling plan or building an addition. Whether the new project stays within the existing footprint of the house or extends into the surrounding space, Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction will craft the right solution for the project.

When it comes to new home building or remodeling in Nazareth, trust the experienced professionals at Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction to do it with style and to do it right. Call 570-420-9908 and schedule a free consultation to get your new home in 6 simple steps.